Curtain Cleaning Practical Tips

Practical Tips to Achieve Effective and Efficient Curtain Cleaning

Home cleaning is essential, especially in times of health crisis. It can drastically reduce the possibility of contacting various ailments. Remember, many of the commodities in our homes are breeding grounds of allergens, bacteria, and others. That being said, aside from sweeping as well as mopping floors, sanitising sinks, and throwing away garbage, among others, bear in mind that you should also be performing regular curtain cleaning.

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Doing the laundry may seem easy until you stain your favorite white dress or damage your most valued clothes.

Latest washing machines may no longer have you lifting a finger, but sometimes, you can’t help but worry. Are the stains fully removed? How should I wash delicate fabrics?

Curtain Cleaning Tips

Curtains Cleaning Tips

How often should you clean your curtains?

Curtains play a key role in your beautiful  interior design. However, they are subject daily to dust, dirt and mites, and  fabrics can quickly lose their shine . Hence it is important to  clean them regularly . Recommendation is to clean once or twice a year but for people with allergies professional cleaning is advised 4 times a year .

Do keep in mind that stains or dirt on your curtains will be difficult to get rid of after a long period of time as it dries up.