Practical Tips to Achieve Effective and Efficient Curtain Cleaning

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Curtain Cleaning Practical Tips

Practical Tips to Achieve Effective and Efficient Curtain Cleaning

Home cleaning is essential, especially in times of health crisis. It can drastically reduce the possibility of contacting various ailments. Remember, many of the commodities in our homes are breeding grounds of allergens, bacteria, and others. That being said, aside from sweeping as well as mopping floors, sanitising sinks, and throwing away garbage, among others, bear in mind that you should also be performing regular curtain cleaning.

Many don’t pay much attention to this, but there are several reasons why this shouldn’t be the case. For instance, it can cut down allergy attacks, reduce dust levels, and ensure that your interiors are as aesthetically pleasing as they can be.

If you need help with regard to this aspect, then you came to the right place. This write up contains useful as well as practical tips and pointers that can help you perform curtain cleaning in the most effective and efficient manner. Read on for details.

Weekly curtain cleaning

If you decide to clean your curtains on a weekly basis and you have heavy ones, then you should utilise the upholstery brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. If you have lightweight ones, simply shake them to elude dust and at the same time protect delicate materials.

Machine washing curtains

Another curtain cleaning option that you can turn to is machine washing. If you decide to go this route, make sure to remove all hardware from your curtain before washing. In the process, do not neglect to check the care label. This is essential since some are made of materials that require a specific amount of liquid detergent so as to ensure that their quality won’t be compromised.

Drying curtain

So, you have  successfully machine-washed your curtains and it is drying time. Here, use a low-setting so as to ensure that they can dry without damaging them.  Make sure to remove them before they’re 100% dry. This is because when it comes to curtain cleaning, over drying can set wrinkles. On the other hand, removing them while they are still damp may cause them to shrink. If this happens, perform quick ironing before rehanging your curtains.

Steam cleaning

Curtains are equipped with attachments that allow you to steam clean them. Be cautious however and ensure that they are machine washable since they’re the only ones that are appropriate for the said treatment. It should be noted also that this method, while convenient, comes with a disadvantage. For instance, it only delivers surface-only cleaning and accumulated dust and mildew may not be eradicated. Therefore, it’s best to think things through if ever you decide to perform such a course of action.

Summing up

If you have time, and space curtain cleaning at home could be a breeze if you push the right buttons and make the right moves.

However, if you do not  have the luxury of time on your hands, it is best to hire the services of professionals. By doing this, you can be rest assured that your curtains will be clean as well as hygienic. Remember though, it advisable to compare various service providers before signing the dotted line:

Remember, not all curtain cleaning companies are equal. For instance, some deliver more effective as well as efficient service like dismantling and re-assembling access to high ceilings… while some don’t . Therefore, practice due diligence beforehand, especially if you want to get your money’s worth and more.