Curtains Cleaning Tips

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Curtain Cleaning Tips

How often should you clean your curtains?

Curtains play a key role in your beautiful interior design. However, they are subject daily to dust, dirt and mites, and fabrics can quickly lose their shine. Hence it is important to clean them regularly. Recommendation is to clean once or twice a year but for people with allergies professional cleaning is advised 4 times a year.

Do keep in mind that stains or dirt on your curtains will be difficult to get rid of after a long period of time as it dries up.

Why choose a professional to take care of your curtains Cleaning?

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning the curtains is no small task. The size of some curtains and their materials can make this task complicated. Using a specialist in curtain cleaning is an option increasingly chosen today, both by individuals and by professionals.

A regular dusting operation using a vacuum cleaner or a brush can be carried out to remove dirt. However, this is not enough to maintain their freshness. They must also be cleaned several times a year. There are several possibilities for washing your curtains.

Hand washing and machine washing at home are often tempting. However, these options remain complicated and can quickly turn into a drama if we do not know enough about the specifics of each fabric. For example, polyester sheer curtains and curtains can be cleaned at 30 ° with the “fragile fabric” program. Linen curtains, on the other hand, must not be wrung or twisted. They should be allowed to drip before being attached to the rod for drying.

Thus, each type of curtain can have its own washing requirements. Using too strong a detergent, choosing the wrong temperature, wrong spin or too hot ironing can cause irreparable damage.

How professional curtain cleaning works is simple: Our team member comes to your home to carefully pick up and collect your curtains to clean. He will assess the material and weight the curtains on the spot. Depending on the particularities of each curtain, it performs a specific cleaning that respects the characteristics of the fabric. If it involves special or delicate tasks such as stains of wine, grease or coffee, a pre-stain removal can be carried out before washing for an optimal result.

It should not be forgotten that cleaning at home requires time and energy.

At A&B, we have years of technical expertise in handling different types of curtains.

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